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7 Tips For The Best Blowjob Ever A break down of the basic moves for mind-blowing oral by Dr. Jessica O’Reilly Stimulate his B-spot When it comes to penises, it’s often what on the inside that counts. The inner bulb (B-spot) of the penis can be one of the most reactive parts of the body, but often does not receive the at- tention it deserves. Its hypersensitivity may be related to the fact that it includes extensions of the corpora cavernosa, which fill with blood during erection, and the crura of the penis, which are ho- mologous to the sensitive clitoral legs. The sensitive corpus spon- giosum, which surrounds the urethra and forms the very sensitive head of the penis also extends into this area and is covered by the bulbospongiosus muscle. To stimulate the B-spot, press against his perineum just behind the balls. Try using three fingers with firm pressure to press, stroke or glide in short, firm strokes in rhthym with some enthusias- tic sucking action along his shaft.  28 SHE MAGAZINE // S E P T E M B E R 2016 Interlace your fingers and use two hands This is the hand-job to end all blowjobs. It’s that good! Slather two hands in lube (twice as much as you’re normally inclined to use) and wrap both hands around the shaft with your fingers interlaced. Stroke from base to tip with lots of pressure (you can use a tighter grip if you use a generous amount of lube) and a little extra squeeze at the very bottom of the shaft.  Try this one on its own when your mouth and jaw need a break, or use it as an extension of your lips while sucking to create a warm, tight tunnel of suction. Use Lube! You already know that lube takes sex to a whole new level, but adding a few drops to your oral routine will change the way you